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Beefy Goodness as a #ChewyInfluencer

 Mini Dory here with Mike and I'm excited to be doing the our #ChewyInfluencer review of Merrick Real Beef Recipe Power Bites!! We love here at Dory's Backyard,  Mama can order our foodies, toys and just abut anything we could need and it gets here faster than Mike at his fastest!! Most of our orders get here within TWO DAYS of when we order!!

 They also have auto-shipping for our most important items like our foodies and especially our Greenies!!...What's that Dory??..Oh yeah...I don't actually EAT anything. 

I suppose I should turn the review over to Big Dory....

 Thank you Mini silly little girl!
Mini Dory did a great job of telling everyone about!! Now Jakey and I get to do the nommy part  of the review, and tell you about Merrick beef flavored Power Bites!

 What do you see,  Jakey??!

 Well Dory,  I see that Beef is the first ingredient, NOM!! They don't have gluten or grain, making them alright for Arty to have without getting itchies!!

 Mama says they are just the right size for training or modeling treats!!

That means we get more then one, right Mama??!!

 How about a taste test Mama???

 OMD...Taste that beef....A definite 8 paws up!!
Arty and Bilbo will be tasting them later. We know they are going to love them just as much as we did!!!

Mama and Daddy give four hands up too and want to thank the WOW team for the great New Year Box!!
We were given a bag of  Merrick Power Bites to try in exchange for ours (and sometimes Mama's) honest review. We were not compensated for this review.  These are our very own opinions!!

We are joining the Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!


Love is in the Air...

 Mabel, will you do be the honor of going to the Valentine's K-oss Pawty with me???

OH...and ummmmm, would you mind helping me take care of the younger crowd in the Youth Room??? 
Since we are both still young and crazy, I thought it might be the
perfect way to spend the evening!!

I'll make sure to dress warm when I come over to pick you up!!


BWSS - Free Jakey Smoochies


We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Sepia Saturday Napping

 Excuse me....

Can't a puppy take a nap without getting harassed around here???

Mama and Daddy have abandoned us this weekend and left us home to be fed rations spoiled rotten with Nanny Ally. Mama says she is "unplugging" from the computer but will have her phone and should  be available by email.  


See Beautiful, See Blogville, See Jamison

The past month has brought a lot of beauty along with some great sadness. This is why we chose to cherish and See Beautiful in each and every Holiday Card we received .

Jakey and Mama put together this special See Beautiful slide show of all of our cards (and yes,  we totally won the annual contest with our peeps!). Click HERE to see it on YouTube


Today we are also Seeing the Beauty of a community coming together to pay tribute to 
a very special guy. Although we didn't know Jamison well, we are sending healing POTP along with our soothing snuggles and love to his family.

We feel so blessed to be able to See the Beautiful happening around Blogville every day.


Happening Around Blogville

While Mabel and I are getting our new office all situated, we wanted to remind our friends about some important things going on around Blogville.

 First, don't forget, tomorrow is Purrs for Jamison Day organized by Christmas. You can read more about this special tribute HERE.
Visit our Hippity Hop page HERE to link up to the Blog Hop so Jamison's pawrents can visit everyone!

 Have you read about all the Chaos coming to Blogville this Valentine's Day?? That's right, Murphy and Stanley are hosting a K-Oss Valentine's Day Pawty that pawmises to be the most epic event of the decade!!! Click HERE to take the Blogville Transporter over to read more about the pawty!

Finally, we recently held our first Blogville Cabinet Meeting!

 Mabel and I came away with a LOT of action items, but we also scheduled two great Blogville Events!
January 30th
The Blogville Administration Page and Portrait Hall Unveiling! Stay tuned to see the portraits of our past mayors and Angel Lexi, along with the 2017 Blogville Administration Page!
February 6th
City Hall Open House Coffee Morning 
Meet the Blogville Cabinet and visit their offices while sipping a wonderful puppachino made by our Executive Office Manager and Blogville Barista, Princess Leah!

Christmas also informed us that the wonderful Abby Lab has agreed to take on the roll of Blogville Chef and Caterer!! 
With the Noms her Mama makes, we know Abby will do a wonderful and nomilicious job!!

Make sure to let us know if you have any ideas for fun Blogville events!!


The Many Faces of Dory

Where is the payment/treat jar, Mama??
 Quizzical Dory

No Mama, seriously, where is it??
 Playful Dory

Do we need to talk about my rate per click, Mama??
Professional Dory

No cookie, no lookie Mama!!

Difficult Dory!

Mama thought she could get away with doing Week 2 of the #PetPhotographyChallenge without paying me. 
(This week's challenge is Rule of Thirds)
Boy was she wrong!

We are joining  BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday this week!

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