Beach Blanket Bingo Dance!

Mabel and I can't  think of a better way to  a day of fun in the sun  than with a Sunset Beach Blanket Bingo Dance!

What's Beach Blanket Bingo???
Just take a look at Frankie(Avalon not the cute Frankie Furter) and Annette:
Click HERE to view on YouTube
Doesn't that look like FUN?!?! So grab a blanket, your date(or meet one there) and join us for night of fun and dancing under the stars!!

Send your picture either dressed to dance on the beach, or ready for Jakey to dress it up to
our assistant(aka Mama) at  
April 20th

Make sure to keep your eyes open around Blogville for other ways to take part in Blogville's Spring Break on April 24th!!!


Thanks So Much!

I wanted to thank efurryone for all of your POTP.
The dogtur still isn't sure what is wrong with me, but they took some blood and 
poked and prodded me.  They ruled out tummy issues, and told Mama I should keep eating pumpkin crunchies.
My biggest problem is that I am tired
I don't have much energy at all to boss my brothers around,
hopefully they won't get into too much trouble

Please keep up the POTP
Mama and I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Spring Break Pawty!

Who's ready for some sun and fun!!! 
After all the snow, rain and cold temperatures around the country this winter, we bet you're ready for sun and warmth!!

Before you go ANY FURTHER....transport over to the Idaho Pug Ranch to see what  Mr. Bailey and Dory are planning! 
Don't worry...we'll wait

 Dory and Bailey were relaxing in the Blogville City Lounge talking REAL LOUD 'cause how else could Mabel and I kinda overhear them.

 Well, Mabel and I got to thinking they would really miss us if they were to go down to the tropics without us. I mean come on, what would they do all by themselves?? They would end up sitting on the beach relaxing all day.

 So we came up with an idea to surprise them! 

We checked the budget, and saw that we had some leftover money in 2016 Budget! If we kept expenses down, we could afford to take ALL of Blogville with us to surprise Dory and Bailey on their tropical vacation!!

 We did some research on the interwebbies and found a pawsome fun place to hold the pawty!!! 
It's right on the beach next door to where Dory and Bailey are staying!!!
We already have some great activities planned:
  • Mr. Bailey will be taking us along on his vacation with Dory,
  •  Oreo is going to snoopervise surfing, 
  • Murphy and Stanley are going to take us underwater for some fun
  •  Madi is going to transport us to a fun park !
  • Blogville Caterer, Abby Lab will also be on hand with some delicious foodables!
  • We are also going to see if Ruby can teach the paw-tender to make her famous Ruby-ritas!
Then...as the sun goes down, Mabel and I are planning a Beach Blanket Bingo Pawty!!

So, get your passports ready and be at the airport ready to fly down to the tropical warmth for a day of epic fun in the sun on April 24th!! 
There will be a blog hop ready for you to hop around to all the events !

Stay tuned in the coming days for more information on how you can be part of all these fun activities!
 Tomorrow, here at Dory's Backyard, Mabel and I will let you know how you can be a part of the Beach Blanket Bingo Dance!!


BW Selfie Sunday

I asked Mama to take a tropical selfie of me today!!!

In honor of Angel Sugar, we will continue the tradition of 
Black and White  Sundays.

We are joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday

 Have you stopped by the Blogville Comedy Film Festival yet??
They have the projector up and ready, make sure to stop by for some giggles!!


Saturday Caturday Art

Today I used PicMonkey to give myself a Old Fashioned makeover!!

We are joining Athena over at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty
for the Caturday Art Blog Hop!


Fun Vacation Planning!

Mama and Daddy finally told us about how this year, instead of abandoning us to go away, Bilbo would be getting a week long vacation with Nanny Ally and the rest of the family is going camping

 We are planning things we want to do!

...and making lists of things not to forget!
If any of you have been camping we would appreciate any and all advice you could give us!

 We are going to head up the 101 and go around the Washington State Peninsula!!

 We don't leave until the end of April...

...but we CAN'T WAIT!!!


Thursday Tidbits

 We wanted to share a couple tidbits with you today...
First off..make sure to stop by Monday for a special Blogville Announcement!

 Next, don't forget that on Friday, April 7th we will start holding Flower Friday every week!

Finally, make sure you tune in tomorrow, we will be telling you all about our upcoming family vacation!!

Thanks for stopping by for Thursday Tidbits!!