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Flower Friday - Flowers and Fllutterers

Happy Flower Friday!!
Today Mama has informed me that we are going to be showing you some pretty pictures from her trip to Wisconsin. Mama says she found the prettiest buttie-pillars there...

There are pretty buttie pillars in California too!!

Just look at this beautiful California Buttie-Pillar!!

Top THAT, Mama!!!

 This Wisconsin Buttie-Pillar looks awfully little Mama...

 Ummmm...ok, this guy is pretty...

 Oooooo...look he has a little bit of blue on his back end!

 ...and his handsome stripes!

 He even has stripes on his tummy!!

 What a cute little curly q on his tail!!

 He really seams to like those thistle-y flowers!!

 I really like this guy Mama

....that is just ONE Buttie-Pillar!!
What else did you see??

OMD...You saw this stripey-polka dottie,  Buttie-Pillar TOO??

Wowsers Mama, he is beautimous!!

 What?? You saw this birdie too??

He sure is pretty...

 ..and this Buttie-Pillar??

 Look all the blue...and the little orange dots.
Great find, Mama!

BUT what about flowers?? 
Did Wisconsin have pretty flowers too??

 Just look at the stormy Queen Anne's Lace!!

...and pretty purple cone flowers

They have pretty sweet peas up in Wisconsin too!!

Welllllll, I guess Wisconsin DOES have SOME pretty things,
thanks for showing everybody what you found!!


...and thank YOU for stopping by today!
Please hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!



Thursday Travel Tails

This week on Thursday Travel Tails I, Arty, am going to show you some of the beautiful state of Arizona!!

It was a whirlwind trip,  with an overnight stop in Flagstaff, but we saw LOTS of cool stuff!

The  scenery in Arizona is very diverse and we saw a little bit of everything! From desert to mountains and forests! The temperatures ranged from a high of 115F when we were driving through the desert to 56F when we left the hotel in the morning!! Mama said we drove near where the Grand Canyon is, but we didn't have time on this trip to stop. There is a rumor she is planning to visit the Grand Canyon in September WITHOUT ME, but I digress.

 We drove by some very cool dirt mountains and plateaus!

 There is  also a lot of red colored rock...

 ...and even plateaus with red rock in them!

When we got closer to Flagstaff,  we were in the mountains and there were trees everywhere!!

Just look at the beautiful sunset!!!

 We continued to enjoy the scenery at the various rest stops!

As you might be able to see, I was a bit disappointed with the Arizona rest stops because there weren't many grassy areas. I am not as picky as Dory, but a big grassy area would have been nice to play in!!

They did have lots of big rocks to climb on though!!
Mama here, the rest stops were acceptable and safe. Not the best that we had seen, but not as bad as some. I'm with Arty, although the red rocks were gorgeous,  it would have been nice to have a grassy area to play in!

The La Quinta in Flagstaff was a nice place to rest our heads and was surrounded by beautiful scenery! 
Mama here again, the Flagstaff LQ was another older hotel. The staff was great, but the building could use some updating. The ice makers were broken on our floor and the one above us. The rooms were not "stinky" but were older, and could have used more electrical outlets. I would give this LQ 3 out of 5 stars.

 There was a nice wall, surrounded by pretty wall, for me to do some modeling for Mama.

 ...and a beautiful flower bed too!!

There are lots and lots of trees surrounding the hotel, and I made sure to leave as much peemail as I could muster up on each and every one of them!!

 I even did a little rock climbing,  just look at the size of this boulder...BOL!

Arizona is a very nice state, and I have to say that Flagstaff was especially beautiful, and lots cooler than the desert!
 Thank you for joining me on my trip!

Next week join Dory and I as we show you our travels through the beautiful state of Kansas!!


Almost Wordless Wednesday - Flutterbies and Flowers

Stayed tuned for more flowers and flutterbies on
Flower Friday!

We are joining  BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday this week!


#Chewyinfluencer with Pumpkin and Cinnamon Blue Health Bars

 As a Blogville Mayoral Candy Date, I told Mama I should get some experience
directing some of our monthly #ChewyInfluencer reviews! She agreed, and thought it might be a good idea for me to get some experience with public speaking!

 This month we are reviewing Blue Health Bars in our most favorite flavor, Pumpkin and Cinnamon!!!

 Mama REALLY likes that they have a "Best if Used by" date because you can see how fresh the treats are.
Here are some of the other great things Mama likes about Blue Health Bars:
They are the treats Mama might make...if she made us treats more often!
They have no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors!
They are Made in the USA!!!

 Now...for the most important part of our review:

First, lets go to the guy who knows his Pumpkin, Mr. Bilbo!
 Thank you Arty, and may I say, you are doing a great job with this review so far!! 

I was a bit concerned at the HUMUNGOUS size of these cookies. Dory loves large treats but, with my lack of chompers, I like my cookies a bit smaller...

 Luckily, Mama says these cookies were very flaky and the crumbled nice and small for me!

 They smell delicious and I ate three little pieces...which may not seem like a lot to most of you, but
Mama was very impressed! I give these cookies 4 paws up!

Next, let's go over and see how Jakey is doing with his taste testing!

OMD...These are fantabulous!!!! But Arty, can we lose the silly costumes for the next review....they're a bit silly, don't you think??

Sorry Jakey, the costumes were Mama's idea...and you know it is usually a good idea to go along with what Mama wants...
 I, Arty, also LOVED Blue Pumpkin and Cinnamon flavored Health Bars!! They are crunchy...but flaky too. When Mama breaks them up we have no problem eating them at all!
You can even get them ON SALE over at!!
Click HERE to order some today!

Dory did such a great job with her, "Tongue Out Tuesday" taste testing that I delegated her to do our #chewyinfluencer social media! You can look for her over at Facebark and Instagram.
She also LOVED Blue's Pumpkin and Cinnamon Health Bars!!

In case you lost count, that is 4 PAWS UP times 4 or SIXTEEN PAWS UP for Blue Health Bars, Pumpkin and Cinnamon Flavor!!!! 

We definitely will be ordering them again!

Thanks again for joining me today 


 We are joining the Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!

OH WAIT, I almost forgot!!
We were given a bag of these Blue Health Bars by in exchange for ours (and sometimes Mama's) honest review. We were not given any shiny new cars or big new houses or compensated in any way. These are our very own opinions!!
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