Just Keep Digging?

 I learned something new today....it seems that digging is frowned upon in my yard. 
WHAT THE WHAT?!?!  33.3% of the yard is MINE and I should be able to do what I want with it, right???

There I was working on my whole to China, when the Mama came up and told me I had to stop my excavation!!! 
Can you believe it??? 

Here is a short video so you can see the progress I was making when I was rudely interrupted:
You can watch it HERE on YouTube

Maybe Mama will listen to my friends. Do YOU think I should be able to dig in MY 33.3% of the backyard???

OH...and don't forget, this Thursday is the
Thanks-Blogville Day Blog Hop!
The Hop is set up and ready to go over HERE on our Hoppity Page!


Sleepy BW Sunday Ussies

 Mama took these Ussies, without our permission, while we were taking our naps yesterday afternoon.

She thought we all looked very cute all lined up while  napping.
At first, we weren't going to authorize them, but we had to agree that we did look pretty darn cute!
So we approved her using them today for Selfie Sunday!

We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for the Selfie Sunday Blog Hop!


Thankkful Thursday - Big Brother Jakey

 The other day Jakey and I(Rosy) were out in the backyard when I saw his nose twitching.
I wondered what he was doing and it was then he explained the wonders of Air Sniffing!

Today, I am so thankful to have my big brother Jakey showing me the ropes! 

Stay tuned to see what Arty is teaching me...

 We are joining Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop this week!



Happy BIrthday Mabel!!

I want to wish my bestest gal, and Blogville's most pawsome Vice Mayor, Mabel a very

 Whether it is dressing up for a fancy dance, hula dancing in the sand or helping me run the day to day business in Blogville,  Mabel is always there for me!!

She is also an Agility MASTER!!! 
I am such a lucky Shih Tzu to have such a smart AND beautimous gal like her!

Have a most pawsome day, Mabel! 
I hope it is filled with lots of treats and snuggles!